Monday, 18 March 2013

What is a Dunghead?

So what is a dunghead?
Yes, it's an insult; but I am hoping to go beyond that.
I have given a considerable amount of thought to this; and think that it may be best to give some examples.
Once I started looking for them, they were everywhere.
But it is important to distinguish between a dunghead and an idiot, for example. & it would be counterproductive to hurl the word at someone for a mistake. A Dunghead must be determined no to change or concede to earn the appellation.
Then the mad idea of charging Cypriot's bank accounts to pay for the rich hit me as a real Dunghead idea.
However, let us hold on for a moment. There is so much in the EU that is Dungheady and the organisation and its predecessors has for many years spent most of its days firefighting the consequences of what it had previously done.
This is sometimes referred to as the law of unintended consequences; but there is no such law. That is Dunghead science. The would be Dunghead scientist notes that much or all goes wrong in its plans in ways he or she did not intend; and comes up with this “idea”: that there is some principle at work. There is, I suppose: if you do something without thinking it through then it is likely that something unexpected will happen. That, of course, is an anti-Dunghead principle.
It is easy to see how, in the early days of the European Community, just reaching agreement between former enemies was seen as an achievement; but soon after there began to develop a Dunghead idea of innate superiority in the Dunghead way – whatever they actually called it -- similar to things sometimes said in the USA about their constitution and history.
This false self belief has led them to apply an approach that may have helped conflict in Western Europe to every problem regardless of its approipriateness. Analysis was not involved at any deep level in anything. So in UK the number of Polish citizens coming here was grossly underestimated on the basis of a calculation the terms of which are not available to us. (Someone began a sentence with the word “Well, it's obvious that...”) The same is about to happen with Romanians – to the point where new laws proposed by the ConDems will hurt UK citizens just in order to deal with the problem Dungheads may have created vis-a-vis Romanians.
And it is also very similar to the worries that have been created by the attempt in Cyprus not to upset Russian investors – one thing at a time, with no overview, as if one participant in a game of chess were playing some other game.
So never viewing a problem in context is a Dunghead method. Widespread reliance on untested assumptions is a Dunghead approach; so too is reliance on precedents.
You can hear Dunghead methods of argument at most party political conferences. I say “methods of argument” rather than “ideas” because Dungheads do not really have ideas, only assumptions and delusions and myths.
Thus all political parties and the EU are my starting examples.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Welcome to Dungheads

Dungheads seeks to identify what it takes to be a Dunghead and also why Dungheads are so successful in terms of reproduction and gaining power. In particular, we shall try to identify the unique selling point that Dungheads have discovered. We hope to expose why they seem so difficult to resist.

Some items which would have appeared on Fashionable Idiocies will now appear here; but there may be times when the same item appears in both places. Idiots are different to Dungheads in much the same way that Nenderthals differ from Homo Sapiens.